Servomotor CA

We will talk in this text about the operation of the synchronous servo motors of permanent magnets of alternating current, therefore we will clarify an orientation on its operation. When talking about construction, the three-phase permanent magnet servo motor (STIP) is in its entirety similar to a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor. Its stator consists of a packet of magnetic plates separated from each other, having grooves (Semi-Closed) that accommodate the three-phase copper windings 22222 e/c3, and may also be made of aluminum.

The rotor I consists of a pack of magnetic plates and on its surface are installed the permanent magnets, which are normally Neodymium-Ferro-Boron (NdFeB) and so that the servomotor can comply with its role of precision motor is essential that it integrates a system that allows the detection of the position of its rotor. Subsequently, the data related to the position of your rotor will be sent to a control system, which will cover the decision to take, ie insert more current, reduce the current, among other control options, to ensure a torque for a wide range of speeds.