The electric current during the starting of an electric motor can change from 5 to 8 times the nominal current value. According to the ordinance of the National Agency of Electric Energy, each match has high powers for its use. We describe below:

The direct start is up to 15 CV and the chain current is much smaller than the starting line; Starting without load – The motor is connected directly to the mains via contactor and protective devices; Star / Triangle start – 15CV to 30CV and motor must have at least 6 accessible terminals. The motor Hubbell Wiring mrosupply starts at star and when it reaches the speed close to the nominal, the connection changes to triangle. The starting current and the torque are reduced to 1/3 of their nominal values; The start with Compensating Key is combined by a multi-lead autotransformer to regulate the starting process. Used in motors of high power; The starting with Soft Stater is the Start with reduced tension. It does not change the motor connections. Adjustable starting current. Correct starting torque and possibility of smooth stop; The frequency inverter is above 30CV and it is possible to set the start time and soft stop; The rheostat start in motors with coiled rotor is for any power.