The highlight is the innovative cheese fonduta: cheese fondue with pieces of funghi.

If being at the table with important people is already a unique
moment, even better when the atmosphere is impeccable in the
details, the food has the right seasoning and the cellar is selected for
the most demanding palates. Going to Porcini Trattoria is the certainty
of satisfaction. Highlight for classic Italian dishes, such as polpettone
and ossobuco with creamy polenta. After all, nothing like a different
place or experience to take the relationship out of the rut. If there’s a
lazy day, it’s Sunday. No worries: Curitiba has good places that open
their doors on Sundays, whether for lunch or dinner. Closed only on
Mondays, the Zapata Mexican Bar offers a menu with the best flavors
of Mexican cuisine, as well as lively Latin nights. For the undecided on
duty, the tip is to choose the sequence of dishes, which includes
taquitos, pastelitos, tacos, nachos and mixed fajitas. Sunday lunch at
Cantina do Délio is part of many people’s routine. And it’s not by
chance: the place has a lot of delicious food and all the friendliness of
the host Délio Canabrava, who always had the dream of opening an
Italian restaurant. American Pasta sandy springs new italian restaurant