Donna Lena Osteria and Osteria Capitolina

Sophisticated and cozy, but without losing the essence of recipes and family moments. Osteria
Donna Lena is a corner of Italy in Curitiba and, to enjoy a wonderful dinner, the chef’s
suggestion is Carré D’Agnello and Pasta All’Aglio NeroCarré, grilled lamb on the barbecue,
served with demi-glace sauce and accompanied by tagliatelle with leeks and black garlic, for R$
76.90. This is one of the main dishes of the house, enjoy!
Rua Recife, 220 – Cabral_ (41) 3022-5392.
Capitoline Osteria
Alpharetta bests italian restaurants
Led by Italian chef Massimiliano Morabito, who has more than 30 years of experience in the
kitchen, including in Italy, the restaurant offers as its biggest differential the use of authentic
Italian products, as well as original recipes. So, for eight years, the chef has taken his
customers to a unique experience and has done a job of educating our taste buds: he doesn’t
serve, for example, meat with pasta in the same dish, the pasta is al dente, the coffee is
ristretto and its carbonara is not what we are used to, with white sauce, but it takes on the
special flavor of cured pork cheek. Naturally fermented breads are made in the house, as is the
smoked salmon served as a starter. Try the Bistecca Alla Fiorentina, grill-roasted T-Bone with
extra virgin olive oil, fleur de sel and herbs. The dish is also accompanied by grilled zucchini
and eggplant, baked potatoes for R$ 190 a kilo. Authentic Italian cuisine!