At the time, I did not imagine that I would manufacture furniture.

My story as an entrepreneur was full of ups and downs, I believe
it is very similar to that of the vast majority of entrepreneurs.
So, I know very well about how not everything we plan works
out right the first time, and about how we need to reinvent
ourselves in many moments to keep growing, even if it’s from
the hole, don’t you?
Before you ask me why Tambo? hehehe I get this question a
lot. And the answer is simple: Tambo comes from the word
Tambor (musical instrument) and I chose a name that first of all
connected me with something very personal.
The drum for me is the instrument that reminds me of the
rhythm of things, it also reminds me that where there is rhythm
there is a certain order and a connection. That’s what I wanted
for my business above all else.
Later, when I entered the world of tables and chairs, I realized
how unwittingly the name was closely linked to the product we
were making, do you know why?