Performance Factors

It is extremely important to consider that approximately 90% of the components used for different purposes are electric motors of the asynchronous type, with the rotor shorted. Electrical losses may vary depending on the square of the rugged torque. Electric motors are undoubtedly responsible for much of the energy generated and consumed in the segments where their use is most effective, such as in industries where they account for more than 50% of the electricity industrial water evaporator consumption of this type of installation . They consist of elements in which, first and foremost, energy savings must be sought.

It is concluded that in electrical machines, regardless of their specifications, the control operations of components, as well as of equipment, have in their majority a direct effect on the mechanical and electrical study of these same equipments, being able to act directly or indirectly on their obtained yields . It is extremely relevant to understand and know the actions that, if properly adopted by the technicians responsible for maintenance, will result in the optimization and improvement of the performance of the existing motors in their facilities, generating a significant saving of electric energy.