Italian restaurant La Trattoria

Since 1976, La Trattoria has brought together lovers and faithful devotees from one of the best
portfolios in Rio de Janeiro. Situated in one of Copacabana’s noblest spots, this restaurant has
a lot of history to tell, as it has been in the gastronomic circuit for more than 40 years.
It all started after Mario Pautasso came to Brazil, a native of Turin, Mario worked in
restaurants and hotels in several countries in Europe, in 1953 he arrived in Brazil and decided
to stay.
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He worked at the Plaza hotel at Michel and ended up buying a restaurant to transform
it into his long-awaited La Trattoria, along with his wife Regina.
Today this nice canteen is still managed by the family, by Regina Pautasso, their children
Luciana and Guilherme and their granddaughter, who insist on being present every day to
maintain the tradition and quality of their dishes.
La Trattoria is a family-run Italian canteen that since 1976 has prized for good food and good
Our Delivery:
Every day from 11:30 to 22h.
Throughout the South Zone.
Come and discover La Trattoria, a little piece of Italy in the heart of Copacabana.