DC Motor Switching

The switching of the electric motor of direct current can be with or without brushes (brushless), each one offering specific advantages. Brushless switching is the most efficient because it requires less maintenance, generates less noise and has greater power density and speed range compared to the brushed switching motor. In fact the electronic system of brushless motors generally contributes to its cost of acquisition, which also has greater complexity and greater environmental limitations.

Brushed electric motors use contact brushes that connect to the commutator to power the rotor. The brushed construction is less expensive than the brushless motor and the control is simpler and cheaper https://www.mrosupply.com/lighting/lighting-control-systems/motion-sensors/5872538_stl200w-led_rab-lighting/ . Another feature is that it can operate in extreme environments due to the internal absence of electronic components, but on the other hand, these motors require periodic maintenance to replace the worn brushes.

Brushless or brushless electric motors use a permanent magnet incorporated into the rotor assembly. These motors are similar to AC motors but are switched electronically so that they can be fed in direct current.