Bar rotor

In motors, the rotor is made of conductive material rods that are located around the set of rotor plates, short-circuited by metal rings at the ends. The rotor core is composed of silicon steel plates and has axial channels on all machines. In line H and M, in the smaller carcases, deublin 1115-000-001 the package is continuous without radiating ventilation channels. In line M, larger housings, the plate is removed, forming the radial ventilation channels, which guarantees high thermal dissipation. The active part or conductors may be copper or brass rods.

Particular attention is given to preventing fatigue in the bars caused by vibrations. After placing the bars in the grooves, the short-circuit ring is welded through silver welding, ensuring perfect electrical connection between the parts. Further, the bar rotors may have various bar shapes with varying bar profile dimensions. These vast combinations allow a vast control of the electrical parameters of the electric motor as the maximum and starting torque, efficiency, power factor and starting current, among others.